25% of all profits are donated to a charitable cause

The "Resist" Scarf

For this scarf, we've chosen to donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center ("SPLC"). The SPLC is  a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting bigotry and hatred via litigation, education, and advocacy.  Their Intelligence Project is recognized worldwide for their efforts in identifying and tracking hate groups within the United States, and their Teaching Tolerance program distributes anti-bias materials such as films, books, and lesson plans throughout our nation's schools.

The "IMAG" Scarf

The charitable organization we’ve chosen to support with the “IMAG” scarf is Kids In Need of Defense (“KIND”). KIND is a non-profit organization that fights for unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children across the United States through legal services, public education and outreach, and region-specific programs.


The concept behind Vocal Threads is a simple one:

We love the versatility of the traditional “soccer scarf” - A rally towel, a sign board, a wall ornament, and of course an added layer on a cold night - and have found they come in handy in all sorts of situations.

We also have a healthy respect for the long tradition of soccer fans here in the U.S. and worldwide for showing active and open support for peace, tolerance and unity in countless ways that can and do have impact on the surrounding community.

Our scarves are a way for us to pay homage to that tradition, proudly displaying our beliefs and helping us give back to the causes we hold dear.  At a game, at a march, or on your wall, display our threads with pride wherever you may find yourself expressing your beliefs… We thank you for your support!

We Hold These Truths.